SPRC Foundation

In addition to our affiliation with the Rotary Foundation, the Southern Pines Rotary Club has its own local Foundation. The Southern Pines Rotary Club Foundation was formed by a group of esteemed members, including Felton Capel, Bill Samuels, Steve Gaydica and Rick McDermitt.

Our local Foundation is a separate body from our Club and has its own Board of Directors. Each year, the SPRCF accepts applications from individuals and organizations in need and chooses recipients to award grants and scholarships.

To apply for a GRANT, click on the button below for the guidelines and application.

For the calendar year 2022, please submit Grant Applications to Steve Gaydica at jsgaydica7@nc.rr.com or mail to Southern Pines Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, PO Box 2023, Southern Pines, NC 28388-2023

SPRC Charitable Foundation
2022 Board of Directors and Officers:

Steve Gaydica President (2022)
Bob Boone Treasurer
Amie Fraley Secretary
Dan Pate President-Elect (2023)
Michael White (2022)
Kate Tuomala (2022)
Mary Rocca (2023)
Dan Pate (2023)
Gray Tuttle (2023)
Bill Pate (2024)
Shane English (2024)
Tom Nesbitt (2024)
SPRC Representative (ex-officio) Veronica Sanchez
Past President (ex-officio) Scott Kittrell