This Week –
February 2 – Katie Rucker, Moore Montessori Community School

Future Programs:
February 9 – Rotary Youth Exchange and RYLP
February 16 – Dr. John Dempsey, President of Sandhills Community College
February 23 – Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Contest. We’ll hear the top three speeches from Pinecrest HS
February 25 (Sunday) – Rotary Peace Scholar Johanna Schubert will speak at Southern Pines Library at 3:00pm. Free & open to the public

March 2 – Lloyd Navarro, District Governor
March 9 – Eugene Cottrell, Pinecrest HS Band
March 16 – Marion Goldwasser, District 7690 Global Grant Africa Project
March 23 – Interact Students, Shadow Day
March 30 – Good Friday, No Meeting

Invocation Schedule
February 2 – Jason Harpster
February 9 – Dick Harpster
February 16 – Frank Dean
February 23 – Shannon Harris

March 2 – Jim Herrick
March 9 – Susan Herrick
March 16 – Mike Ianucilli
March 23 – Alexander Jacoby

President’s Corner

I liked what Mike Dubbs said last week about becoming a Paul Harris Fellow and how he felt it was quite an honor. I also think that becoming a Paul Harris Fellow is a really significant event. On the surface it is Rotary International’s way of recognizing someone who has made a financial contribution to the Rotary Foundation. But it is more than that. It means that you are now part of an organization that is working hard every day to do good in the world. It means that you are not just a member of the Southern Pines Rotary club, you are part of something bigger. You belong. You may have found your tribe. So tomorrow, dig through your sock drawer and find your Paul Harris pin and wear it. Or maybe go a little crazy and wear your medallion.

On Wednesday several members of the club attended a luncheon for Friend to Friend. This is a local organization whose mission is to address domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in our community. The keynote speaker was FBI Special Agent Karen Walsh. Her talk helped make the problem seem much more real. For example she explain how a bad-guy approaches and picks up a potential victim from the mall. We’ll talk a little bit about this tomorrow.

Bob Boone and I have figured out that the probability of a single member not having a birthday in January is p = (365 -31)/ 365 = .915 . Now we need to extend that to 73 members.

If you have brought a guest or know someone that you think would like to become a member of our club, the next step is to have them fill out an application and submit it to the board of directors. The next board of director’s meeting is Tuesday, February 13. Here is a link to the application:

Lastly, tomorrow is Ground Hog’s Day. The Weather Channel’s coverage begins at 4am. (Don’t wake me.)

See you tomorrow,